At Little "A" Wood Floors, we put our highest quality work and craftsmanship into every hardwood flooring project. We believe that our floors and our service will exceed your expectations. We offer a limited one year warranty on our workmanship, and provide the standard manufacturer’s warranty on the products we sell, beginning upon the date of completion. We do not warrant owner supplied materials.

Any defects arising from our workmanship will be corrected and are subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth by the following:

This Limited Warranty does not cover damage caused by conditions beyond our control, such as: faulty design, faulty specifications, faulty construction of buildings, ordinary wear and tear, fire, water, or chemical action, improper ventilation, excessive moisture and/or excessive dryness, separation of concrete slab or settling of walls, failure caused by intentional and negligent acts, failure caused by vandalism or abuse. This Limited Warranty shall not apply if the customer has failed to make payments due to Little "A" Wood Floors. This Limited Warranty remains in effect only if flooring is maintained in accordance with (N.W.F.A.) National Wood Floor Association care and maintenance recommendations. See attached routine maintenance sheet for more information.

There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description of the face hereof. This warranty does not contain any implied warranties or merchantability for fitness for a particular purpose. This Limited Warranty shall not cover any consequential damages incurred by the customer.

PREFINISHED FLOORING OR VINYL PLANK FLOORING may be subject to their own individual Manufacturer’s Warranty.