Vermont wood floor sanding services


Vermont hardwood floor sanding & refinishing

Are your hardwood floors looking dull and lackluster? Do you have to cover them up with rugs when you have company?

With hardwood floor sanding & refinishing from Little A Wood Floors in Milton, Vermont, your floors will look so new your guests and family will think you’ve had new hardwood floors installed.

If you’re ready to bring your hardwood floors back to their true potential, our hardwood floor sanding and refinishing service, available throughout Vermont is what you NEED.

Benefits of hardwood floor sanding & refinishing in Vermont

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors will completely transform the look of your home.

  • Enhance the appearance of the room
  • Make your home look newer and fancier
  • Adds an element of elegance to your home
  • It will eliminate scratches and other marks
  • Recover any damage caused by moisture and water to your hardwood floor
  • Help protect your floors from future damage
  • And more!

If you’ve been looking to remodel but don’t want completely new hardwood floors, hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is a great way to give your home that brand new look once again!



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Wood floor sanding services in VT

Little A Wood Floors, we provide a hardwood floor sanding and refinishing service that takes your lifestyle into account and is minimally invasive.

Hardwood floor refinishing services in Vermont

Are you ready to refinish your hardwood floors in Vermont? Little A Wood Floors is the company to call!
Serving homeowners in Vermont, we provide a hardwood floor sanding and refinishing service that leaves our clients’ floors looking beautiful.

We’ve been meeting the hardwood floor sanding and refinishing needs of customers all over Vermont since 1980, so you can trust that we’ll meet your expectations.

Our goal is to do the job right the first time so you can start enjoying your refinished hardwood floors as soon as possible.
So what are you waiting for?