Facts about hardwood flooring

Solid and engineered wood flooring offers outstanding benefits that make it an excellent choice for many needs throughout your home. Living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways are beautified and protected when this product line is used, so it’s worth your time to learn more about it. Here’s some hardwood flooring information that could be what you need to move forward with a fantastic remodel.

What to know about wood floors

One of the most well-known facts about this flooring line is its extensive lifespan, which could make it the last floor covering you ever install in your home. Wood floors can easily last more than 100, as you'll see with any historical building in the area, with professional installation and ongoing care. That means once wood floors are in place, they will cater to your home's needs with style, grace, and simplicity.

Visual options vary extensively, from a mirror-glass shine to a distressed finish to a herringbone plank installation layout. The visible components available to you might seem overwhelming initially, but as you take a systematic approach to choosing, you'll find it easier every step. Consider your options in species, stain color, hardwood flooring finish, length, width, and layout, and you’ll see this surface come together beautifully.

Another sought-after benefit of this flooring line is the ability to refinish the surface once wear
and damage become evident. This service removes layers of wear and damage, allowing you to create a brand-new surface of your choice. Change stain color and texture for floors that look brand new but continue to match your décor.

The installation process can take time, especially with the addition of acclimation, which is mandatory. Other factors affecting installation time include pre- or site-finished hardwood floors and special layout instructions. Once you pick the perfect material, we’ll give you all the installation facts.

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