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Sometimes you need a flooring company and all its products, but you may not have much time to devote to a showroom shopping experience. That's when shop-at-home services can be a fantastic alternative, giving you options you might not have otherwise. Here are some facts about the process that could help you reach your goals faster and easier.

Why shop from home?

When you shop from home, you'll avoid the showroom experience, which often comes with anxiety, frustration, and the need to adhere to specific hours of operation. Instead, those who work a job with odd hours appreciate shop-at-home services and the freedom they allow. For instance, you can shop any time, day or night, taking as much time as you need without worrying about a specific closing time.

Shopping from home also allows you to take advantage of a mobile showroom, which brings the store to your door with your chosen samples. This mobile experience will enable you to inspect pieces under your home's lighting and against your furnishings, décor, and wall colors. You may not realize it, but the lighting used in flooring company showrooms differs significantly from home lighting, and colors can look vastly different once in your home.

Another benefit to having a mobile showroom visit your home is that professionals will already be in your home should you decide to purchase the flooring sample represented. That means we can take measurements, offer an estimate, and schedule the flooring installation for a time that works for you. If you're ready to start this process, contact us for more information or shop online.



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At Little "A" Wood Floors, we offer shop-at-home flooring services that cater to our client's needs, whatever they are, to provide solutions in every circumstance. Our goal is your complete satisfaction for any size project or remodel, and we offer all these products and services with years of industry experience. So, spend some time considering your shop-at-home opportunities, and then give us a call for the next steps.

Our mobile flooring store in Milton, VT, is a great way to take advantage of all the options we make available to you and your business. Our associates are ready to discuss all your needs and any products you find to work with. We cater to residents and businesses in Milton, VT, Burlington, VT, St. Albans, VT, Shelburne, VT, and Stowe, VT, and we’re here to work with you too, so contact us at your convenience.