Preparing for your appointment

We are excited to start your project. You can expect the crew to arrive between 9 – 9:30 am unless otherwise stated.

When planning for your project, don’t forget about the preparation:

  • All furniture, decorations, and hanging wall items must be removed from the area to be be replaced or refinished.
  • Remove any carpeting, linoleum, or vinyl, including tack strips and staples, unless you have contracted this into your price. The subfloor should have a smooth surface.
  • Our sanders are equipped with dust containment bags, but they will never be 100% effective. There are a few things that you can do to cut down on the amount of dust that invades your home throughout the project.
  • Hang plastic in doorways (Note: Plastic should be kept off the floors so it doesn’t get sucked into the machines)
  • Seal cupboard seams and drawers with painter’s tape. You may want to cover your upper cabinets with plastic, just tape it down well. You can expect a fine layer of dust throughout the work area, even after their jobsite clean-up.
  • Clear countertops completely and remove everything from walls. Keep all food sealed and put away.

We can hang plastic for an additional fee if requested.

STAIRS: If you’ve set up an appointment to have your stairs refinished, just remember, we will be refinishing the TREADS only. Skirts and risers will only be done if otherwise agreed upon for an additional cost.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand that issues may arise and we are happy to reschedule or cancel an appointment. We put a lot of work into making our schedule and have a large crew so please let us know at least 7 days in advance so we are able to rearrange our calendar. Please send us all cancellation requests in writing with a phone call confirmation if we do not respond to the email. Cancellations without notice may be subject to a trip fee.

After the final coat of finish is applied, you’ll need to stay off your floor for several hours depending on the floor finish used. If using a waterbase finish, time is typically 3 hours before returning, and only light traffic and stocking feet. If using an oil base finish, the wait time will be 8-10 hours. Wait at least 24 hours before gently replacing furniture. DO NOT DRAG FURNITURE. We recommend before furniture is placed onto the wood floor, floor protector pads should be installed on the bottom of all furniture legs. Please wait at least 2 weeks (typical cure time for finishes) before putting down rugs. Rugs should be shaken out and cleaned as sand and grit can get trapped in the fibers. A minimal fee of $150.00 will be charged if we have to return to correct the finish due to walking on the floors before dry time is complete, or furniture scratches. The fee will increase depending on the area size of disturbance.

The only time we ask for payment prior to start is if materials are involved, at which time we would require a deposit prior to ordering materials; otherwise, we require payment upon completion. If you don’t expect to be present upon completion of the job, please make arrangements with the office prior to the start of your project. Providing an email address will allow for electronic invoicing, which you may pay online with an electronic check. Paying with a credit card is optional; however, the processing fee is passed on to the consumer.