Sandpaper choices matter

Regarding hardwood flooring and related services, the right sandpaper can significantly affect your results, which is why it’s so important. Likewise, abrasives and the accompanying tools play a significant role in hardwood remodeling, increasing productivity and offering the fastest results in any space. And for repairs, these products can make a difference, too, giving you new floors that look and perform well for years.

Why shop for sandpaper?

Sandpaper may seem trivial until the need arises for repairs or refinishing, and you realize there is no substitution for quality. A subpar product in this department can reduce efficiency by more than half, with sanding pads that leave you doing twice the work to achieve a good result. However, when catering to a customer's need is of the utmost importance, this seemingly trivial choice can make all the difference.

Matching new and old products can be daunting if repairs are in order. However, the right sanding equipment makes the task less troublesome, providing options that help blend the old with the new without lines and problem areas. Some products are used for heavy stripping, and others for minor imperfections, and understanding the difference can bring results that keep customers returning.

The correct sandpaper grit allows you to systematically take the hardwood from damaged to delectable through refinishing. Coarser numbers, for example, from 40 to 60 grit, are used for intense wear removal and repair, while smoother grits, from 80 to 120, smooth smaller imperfections. Both are important and moving through the process is necessary for refinishing or repair.

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