Choosing the right polyurethane

As you work to offer the best hardwood flooring services, providing the best polyurethane products is vital. This product has particular characteristics, but you still have extensive options, and understanding each can make a significant difference. Here are some facts about this product line and how to choose the best options for your clients.

What does polyurethane do?

As a super-tough coating, this product creates a finish that does more than protect against wear only. It also resists water and denting and affects the color of the stain, depending on whether you choose oil or water-based products. In addition, each product offers specific characteristics, so you'll easily select a perfect polyurethane wood finish.

Oil-based products are available in spray and brush-on options, leaving a faint yellow sheen behind, especially with layered coatings. These products offer the best protection against abrasions and scratches, so for homes with pets, oil-based products are best. They also work well on counters and cabinets.

Water-based materials form the same hard finish, but it takes more applications to achieve the same results. It's a better choice if it's crucial to avoid pronounced odors, but it also applies easier and cleans up faster. If you prefer the hard shell visual, multiple layers of water-based polyurethane will be necessary.

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Other uses for polyurethane

In addition to the finishing process of hardwood floors, this product line offers options that insulate in the form of foam. As a result, polyurethane foam provides a high R-value, creates a barrier against moisture and air, and offers excellent dimensional stability. In addition, this easy-to-use, lightweight product offers bonuses, such as lowered heating costs when used in specific areas.

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